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      Custom Model Management


      The primary requirement of this Epic is the ability to be able to work with the Alfresco data model from within the Share user interface. For the purposes of this epic this means that a user (if they are in the appropriate group: ACE-337) will be able to dynamically create a new group of properties that can be applied to a Node or a new custom node type. This Property Group is essentially an Aspect as they are currently known, and it is likely that there will be a requirement to rename "Aspects" to become "Property Groups" throughout the UI and Documentation (TODO: Link to appropriate issue)


      It is expected that:

      • For each Property Group created a new XML file defining a new Aspect will be created in the "Data Dictionary/Models" folder on the Repository
      • The name of the model file will be the original name of the Property Group
        • (note: this could be problematic - if we allow Property Group names to be changed then we might be preventing Property Groups from being created with the original name of a renamed Property Group)
      • All Property Group model files will share the same namespace
      • In order for Property Groups to applicable to a Node it will be necessary to dynamically update the Share configuration to set visible aspects (and visible fields in forms?)
      • Ultimately it should be possible to create custom forms for working with each new Property Group
      • When a Property Group includes another Property Group it will be done via the <mandatory-aspect> configuration


      (Taken from comment in ACE-2183)

      • DRAFT (an XML file has been created and placed into the Data Dictionary/Models folder but it is not marked as active)
        • When a Property Group is in DRAFT it can be re-named and can have properties, constraints and include Property Groups freely manipulated
      • DEPLOYED (the XML file is marked active AND the Share configuration is updated so that the Property Group can be applied to Nodes)
        • This state indicates that whilst a Property Group could be used it is not currently applied to any nodes so it can still freely be edited
      • ACTIVE (the active model has now been applied to a Node
        • This state is where we need to be very careful about what we allow the user to do. Initially I would suggest that we lock-out editing completely until we have some functional code and then explore what is going to be possible
      • DISABLED (the model is active, but is removed from the Share configuration so that it can no longer be manually added)
        • Not sure how we'd handle rules that apply the Property Group
      • PURGED (the model is no longer active and has been removed from all Nodes - only the Admin will be able to do this)


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