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Content properties / content multi-language is not usable



      Common need: Build a multi-language content model, allow user to insert multi-language content through the UI and provide those content with CRUD operations to some client.

      Contents (cm:content) cam be made multi-language but the feature is not available in Share at all.
      In Alfresco repository the feature is buggish / doesn't work as expected, there are other bugs about it, I'll an example below.

      Properties defined as d:mltext should be multi-language but, as stated here: http://loftux.com/2011/10/30/alfresco-multilingual-properties-feature-or-bug/ this is not useful to the user at all.
      Can't ask user to change the browser language to add a translation of the content properties.

      Instead I would expect a way to define the default language and "switching" between languages to define all the other translations to every properties.

      An example about the cm:content content on Alfresco Repository:

      1. create a content (text / html) and write something in english about it inside
      2. make multilanguage
      3. click add translation: you can only choose to upload or create empty content, choose create empty content (don't have anything to upload)
      4. you can't modify the new empty content you created in any way, it is showed as "EN" like the original one

      Expected result:

      • user can make a content multi-language within share UI
      • every content field (properties and content itself) should localizable
      • user can add a translation which allow him/her to modify every field with the new translation language values
      • user can switch between translations and modify / see them when needed
      • developer can "filter" the values by a locale from any kind of exposing service (CMIS, webscripts, ...)
      • [minor] user should be able to export/import a language tranlsation for every content to allow external companies translate them.

      The bug #ALF-11166 has been closed as "not a bug" but this is a serious defect.
      Currently I don't consider Alfresco to be able to handle multi language contents properly.

      The only way I could achieve multilanguage is, currently, to create a content model that list the same field multiple times allowing the user to set them.
      From the developer point of view this means programmatically take the correct field choosing from the request locale.
      This "solution" has many draw backs:

      • to add a new language you need to modify the model and the code
      • if this gets fixed in later Alfresco versions I can't easily switch to a more reliable mechanism without doing a full data migration

      If this can be fixed with just a new share template a workaround would be welcome, thanks.

      I've also opened a forum post on the matter that has received no reply for now and I've been looking into this staff for the past week: https://forums.alfresco.com/en/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=42810


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