Release Notes - Alfresco - Version 4.0.d Community - HTML format


  • [ALF-7693] - Alfresco slow when uploading many small files
  • [ALF-11479] - When upgrading from Alfresco Community 3.4.d to 4.0.b, some nodes that are blocked and have versions fail after the upgrade
  • [ALF-14119] - Replication job throws Lock time out exception
  • [ALF-15397] - Alfresco 3.4.e Share : Big PDF file preview doesn't work
  • [ALF-16761] - /service/api/solr/metadata does not escape quotes properly in childAssocs
  • [ALF-17299] - Authentication error
  • [ALF-18789] - Problem overriding Explorer log4j configuration


  • [ALF-5392] - Add possibility to add custom css & js libraries

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