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Sprint: SFS Sprint 9
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As a user I need to be able to see the files and folders of the location I have navigated to so that I can select a file of my choosing, or navigate into a sub folder.

Acceptance Criteria

  1. Given that I have navigated into a location where there are files/folders to list (File Library, Personal Files etc) then;
    • the files and folders are only listed if I have permission to read them
    • the files and folders listed are determined by which section they are in (File Library, Personal Files)
    • the columns are organised and behave as per Other Info below...
  2. Given that I double click on a folder, then the contents of the folder is opened and the breadcrumb updates.
  3. Given that I single click on a file or a folder then the row is selected.
  4. Given that the folder is empty then the empty folder state is displayed.

Column information
The file/folder list has the following columns:

  Name Size Modified on Modified by
icon/thumbnail file or folder name size of the file when the file changed who changed the file
icon Product Brochure.pdf 1.56MB 18/02/2015 14:36 John Knowles
icon Price List.xls 1.5GB 3 days ago Cilibiu Bogdan
thumbnail Cats in Hats.jpg 978KB 3 hours ago Adina Parpalita

Other Information

  • The default sort order is on the Modified on column in most recent first
  • Folders are grouped together, regardless of the sort column or sort order

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