[ACE-1834] WebPreview: Chrome browser: Page becomes incorrect after you change the scale several times a bit quickly Created: 26-May-14  Updated: 08-Jul-14  Resolved: 29-May-14

Status: Closed
Project: Alfresco One Platform
Component/s: Document Library
Affects Version/s: Cloud 36
Fix Version/s: 5.0

Type: Bug Priority: Minor
Reporter: Alfresco QA Team (Inactive) Assignee: Closed Issues
Resolution: Won't Fix Votes: 0
Labels: None
Remaining Estimate: Not Specified
Time Spent: Not Specified
Original Estimate: Not Specified

Alfresco Cloud v4.3.0 (Cloud r71424-b475) schema 7004 (https://b475againmy.alfresco.me);
Alfresco Cloud v4.3.0 (Cloud r70139-b466) schema 7003 (https://b466oldmy.alfresco.me/);
Production Environment (https://my.alfresco.com/);
Alfresco Enterprise v4.3.0 (r71667-b1719) schema 7004.
Client: Windows 7 SP1 x64, FF v29.0.1 + Chrome v35.0.1916.114 m.

Attachments: Microsoft Word doc.doc     PNG File screen1-cloud.png     PNG File screen1-enterprise.png     PNG File screen2.png    
Test In: DP
Cloud or Enterprise: Cloud and Enterprise


Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Login as any user.
  2. Create any site.
  3. Upload any document, e.g. doc.doc (doc.doc).
  4. Open the document's details page..
  5. Quickly change the scale on the WebPreview header several times. You should di this until you will see the error.

Observed Result:

The page becomes incorrect (screen1-cloud.png and screen1-enterprise.png).

Expected Result:

The page should be displayed correctly.


  • The issue is not reproduced on FF v29.0.1.
  • The issue is also reproduced on Alfresco Cloud v4.3.0 (Cloud r70139-b466) schema 7003 (https://b466oldmy.alfresco.me/).
  • The issue is also present in Production Environment (https://my.alfresco.com/).
  • The issue was found during exploratory testing.


Comment by David Draper [X] (Inactive) [ 27-May-14 ]

I've not been able to reproduce this... can you please provide more information as to the exact steps required to reproduce this problem please. E.g. exactly what buttons are being clicked, what settings are being set, whether or not the document makes any difference, etc

Comment by David Draper [X] (Inactive) [ 27-May-14 ]

I still can't reproduce this either on a local build or even on the live MyAlfresco site... I've tried the attached documents but I'm not able to break this page. I think this is quite an edge case - maybe a video should be uploaded to show exactly what is required to break the page (e.g. the speed at which the changes need to be made). We also need to evaluate the likelihood of this being hit by real-users. Therefore I'm also lowering the priority.

Comment by Dmitry Yukhnovets [X] (Inactive) [ 28-May-14 ]

Please see the following file: ftp://ftp.alfresco.com:21/qa/cloud/ace-1834/chrome.zip
The file contains video file.

The issue is reproduced for cloud2 myAlfrescoHead build 497 rel36rc2.

Comment by David Draper [X] (Inactive) [ 28-May-14 ]

Dmitry Yukhnovets [X] I thought the problem was the the overall page got corrupted (your attached screenshots show that the sidebar is missing. If this is just an issue with some poor rendering of text between browsers in a 3rd party library then then isn't really much we can do about it. So I would consider that this isn't really a bug. The previewer is just a previewer, it's not a full document renderer. Unless there is some other issue then I think this can be closed.

Comment by Dmitry Yukhnovets [X] (Inactive) [ 28-May-14 ]

My mistake... the video contains info about reproducing : ACE-1833.
i will capture video for reproducing ACE-1834.

Comment by Dmitry Yukhnovets [X] (Inactive) [ 28-May-14 ]

it's difficult to reproduce (at least for me) - but i was able to reproduce it and capture video. please see: ftp://ftp.alfresco.com:21/qa/cloud/ace-1834/ACE-1834.zip

Comment by David Draper [X] (Inactive) [ 28-May-14 ]

Having reviewed the video, I would strongly recommend that we don't consider this to be blocking R36 and focus on issues that will be genuinely blocking.

Comment by David Draper [X] (Inactive) [ 28-May-14 ]

Will Abson & Kevin Roast [X] You should probably review the 2nd video and add your input.

Comment by Kevin Roast [X] (Inactive) [ 29-May-14 ]

This is not a issue worth the development effort to fix.

Comment by Dmitry Yukhnovets [X] (Inactive) [ 29-May-14 ]

Clsoed as won't fix

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