[ACE-4392] [MAC OS - FireFox] Folder Actions - Download folder as zip files inside not viewable Created: 06-Oct-15  Updated: 01-Dec-16  Resolved: 15-Oct-15

Status: Closed
Project: Alfresco One Platform
Component/s: Document Library
Affects Version/s: 5.1
Fix Version/s: Community Edition 201510 EA, 5.1

Type: Bug Priority: Critical
Reporter: Applause Test Integration Assignee: Closed Issues
Resolution: Not a bug Votes: 0
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relates to ALF-6683 File extensions aren't added for file... Closed


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Action Performed:
1. Two users are created
2. Any site is created
3. The user1 is a manager in the Site. user2 -is any other member of the site
4. Any folder is created in DocLib. Add different file types to the folder. Create plain text, html, xml files.
5. The user1 is logged in
6. Folder detail page is opened
7. Click Download as Zip from the document action.
8. Extract zip and view contents locally.

Expected Result:
Files in folder intact with file extension

Actual Result:
File extension lost for plain text and xml files. Possibly more. Especially this is applicable for files created in Alfresco such as plain text file

Additional Info:
Encountered issue while testing AONE-15201

Error Code/Message:
No error message.


Antispyware :None,Antivirus:None,Firewall:None,Language:English ,Operating System:MAC OS,Web Browser:Firefox,Desktop Accessories:Webcam,Desktop Accessories:Microphone,Desktop Accessories:Speakers,Desktop Accessories:Headset,Operating System Version:OS X 10.10


uTest Bug Id: 1675650

Title: [MAC OS - FireFox] Folder Actions - Download folder as zip files inside not viewable
Status: Approved

Type: Functional
Frequency: Every Time
Severity: Medium

Product: Alfresco One (1001)
Test Cycle: Alfresco One - PoC Full Test Cases - W38

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Your Country, Locale, Device Language: Ireland, English, English
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Operating System Version (Including servicepack): MAC OS 10.10.5
Exact browser build version: FireFox 40.0

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Bug1675650_file_extensions.mov : https://utest-dl.s3.amazonaws.com/8610/11453/81976/null/bugAttachment/Bug1675650_file_extensions.mov?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJVVOIXUIFRTEEEKQ&Expires=1759755336&Signature=wsobSqIXEKibRw6DzuDKF0UqtTU%3D

Comment by Jennie Soria [X] (Inactive) [ 06-Oct-15 ]

This is not 5.1 specific issue. It is behaviour in 4.2.N and 5.0.N. Related to the 'create content' action plus the download 'folder' as zip.

Test case scenario:
Alfresco Enterprise v5.0.2(.2 r112584-b91) schema 8033, MacOS (client/host)
Alfresco Enterprise v4.2.4 (.9 r106487-b127) schema 6069, MacOS (client/host)

  • create site
  • create folder in document library of site
  • use the 'create' content menu pull down and create 'plain text', 'xml', 'html' content, do not add the extension to the name of the file
  • use the 'create' content menu pull down and create 'plain text', 'xml', 'html' content, make sure to put extension .txt, .xml, html repectively on name
  • upload other files various mimetypes into folder
  • click on folder's detail page
  • select action menu 'download as zip'
  • unzip locally after download


  • all files created manually with the create content action, in their "document details" page DO show the mimetype property value as correct mimetype, download directly a file, downloads without extension, but it is openable via "double click"
  • all files created manually with the create content action, where the name did not have the extension explicitly set, in unzipped folder download have no extension, and kind = 'Unix Executable File', is not openable via "double click"
  • MacOS right click use open/open with file will open if you select appropriate app
  • MacOS double click popup message occurs "can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer"
Comment by Kevin Roast [X] (Inactive) [ 07-Oct-15 ]

This is not 5.1 specific, existing behaviour and it is also Mac only (very few of our Enterprise customers use Macs). Should this not be raised as a low priority MNT issue and merged up as usual?

Comment by Kevin Roast [X] (Inactive) [ 07-Oct-15 ]

Another FYI - this is not a WebApp's owned component , this is ContentServices component - the application simply calls the "create as ZIP" content API service - this is not a UI related bug.

Comment by Gavin Cornwell [ 15-Oct-15 ]

I agree, this is not a bug, if the files have no extension in the repo the behaviour on the client OS is expected as mentioned in previous comments.

The test case should be updated appropriately.

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