[ALF-18656] Everytime a certain user tries to log in to alfresco share, the message "Could not load module template from '/share/service/modules/header/sites'." appear Created: 15-Apr-13  Updated: 01-Nov-13  Resolved: 23-Apr-13

Status: Closed
Project: Alfresco
Component/s: Share Application
Affects Version/s: 4.2.c Community
Fix Version/s: 4.2.d Community
Security Level: external (External user)

Type: Bug Priority: Critical
Reporter: Andhika Budihardjo Assignee: Closed Issues
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The Database is mysql, and the alf_data is located on the D Drive. Operating System is Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit. Memory is 16 GB, Processor is i7-3820

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Everytime a certain user logs to alfresco share, a certain failure message appears : "Could not load module template from '/share/service/modules/header/sites'." shows. Navigating to another page from this user also trigger this failure message.

Other user are not affected.

If you need me to supply some supporting file, feel free to do so. This user is registered in a lot of sites.

The user have a lot of sites (more than 100).

Comment by David Draper [X] (Inactive) [ 15-Apr-13 ]

Can you please provide some additional information? If no other users are affected by this problem then it implies that there is something unique about either this users credentials/profile or there is something that they have managed to do their own account.

Ideally we need a reproducible test case.

It would also be useful to have any additional errors, stack traces, etc that you might find in any of the logs.

Comment by Andhika Budihardjo [ 18-Apr-13 ]

I'll gladly give you the errors, stack traces, etc. What kind of logs do you need, and where can I find them?

Somehow we manage to replicate this case twice. Using different username.

Let say user A, created a numerous sites using the client's name. Then one day the error message appears. I created another user account for user A, I assign those created sites to the new user account. It work fine for a time. After a while (probably days), user A with his new account created more sites then this error message appears again.

The user create site and populate the site with folder and files (Scanned PDF mostly). He was incharged of populating alfresco with documents to be used by other user.

Comment by Andhika Budihardjo [ 18-Apr-13 ]

I'll attach the logs from C:\Alfesco\tomcat\logs as of 18 April 2013.

Comment by Andhika Budihardjo [ 18-Apr-13 ]

This is the 18 April 2013 logs.

Comment by Kevin Roast [X] (Inactive) [ 23-Apr-13 ]


Comment by Rasmus Melgaard [ 24-Apr-13 ]

is there a workaround or description for the fix?

Cannot see the fix in the public svn.

Comment by Rasmus Melgaard [ 24-Apr-13 ]

Seems like the request get to be too big (http headers), one work-around is to increase tomcat: maxHeaderCount and maxHttpHeaderSize

Or change the requets to post with arguments in body

Comment by Andhika Budihardjo [ 25-Apr-13 ]

Sorry for bringing this up when the status is marked as resolved, but what should I do to fix it?
Is the one I should do is increase the tomcat : maxHeaderCount and maxHttpHeaderSize like Rasmus Melgaard suggested?
Or am I supposed to wait until the 4.2 is released?
I'm really new into Alfresco, so I'm really clueless. Thank you.

Comment by David Draper [X] (Inactive) [ 25-Apr-13 ]

@Andhika The fix is in a development branch and is yet to be merged to the SVN trunk (the Community accessible branch). The fix will get to the SVN trunk in due course, you won't need to wait for 4.2 Enterprise to be released but I can't give you definite date that the fix will be in the SVN trunk.

Comment by Alfresco QA Team [ 01-Nov-13 ]

The issue is not reproduced on Alfresco Enterprise v4.2.0 (r57217-b28) schema 6034

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