[ALF-678] CIFS : Changing domain access control level to read only Created: 04-Dec-09  Updated: 22-Jan-16  Resolved: 17-Jul-14

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Project: Alfresco
Component/s: CIFS
Affects Version/s: 3.2 Enterprise
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Alfresco 3.2 EE build 205 Stack 2 Windows 2008 SP1 x64, Oracle 10g, JBoss 5.1.0 GA, JDK 6u16, NTLM, Windows Vista, IE 7

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is related to by ALF-683 Impossible to change access level to ... Closed
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1. Open file-servers.properties (tomcat/shared/classes/alfresco/extension/subsystems/fileServers/default/default);
2. Add the following string to filesystem block and save the file:
filesystem.acl.global.domainAccessControls=SUN, Alfresco
3. Restart Alfresco;
4. Log in to Alfresco via CIFS and FTP [MER PLEASE NOTE, DOMAIN ACCESS CONTROL NOT RELEVANT FOR FTP 01/01/2013] - from SUN domain and try to upload any content item;

Actual result:
File is uploaded successfully;

Expected result:
Content item is not uploaded because system is in read-only mode for SUN domain

Comment by Alfresco QA Team (Inactive) [ 23-Apr-10 ]

The problem also occurs on Alfresco 3.2.1 EE b 495
(Suse 11.1, Websphere, Oracle 10.2g, Alfresco +OpenLDAP, MacOS X 10.5.5, Safari 3.2.1)

Content items are successfully uploaded to Alfresco from both domains

Comment by Mark Rogers [X] (Inactive) [ 05-May-10 ]

Please note For the configuration specified in the description, the "Alfresco domain" is in "Write" mode which does not correspond to the "expected result".

Comment by Mark Rogers [X] (Inactive) [ 05-May-10 ]

Please clarify test case.

The description of the test does not match the purpose of the test.

Comment by Alfresco QA Team (Inactive) [ 06-May-10 ]

Sorry, misprint in description. In our example SUN domain is set to read-only mode but file is uploaded successfully.

The same problem occurs on Alfresco Community 3.3G build 2816
(RHEL 5, MySQL 5.1, Tomcat 6, JDK 6 x64, Alfresco+ OpenLDAP, Windows XP, FF 3.6)

Comment by Mark Rogers [X] (Inactive) [ 06-May-10 ]

The filesystem.acl.global.domainAccessControl properties only apply to the file system projections [CIFS, FTP and NFS]
In particular it does not affect the Alfresco Explorer interface.

Comment by Steve Rigby [X] (Inactive) [ 12-May-10 ]

For retest in 3.3E build 27

Comment by Alfresco QA Team (Inactive) [ 13-May-10 ]

Have to reopen issue, because files/folder are uploaded/created via CIFS and FTP on both domains.
Issue description is edited.

Validated on Alfresco Enterprise 3.3 build 27
(RHEL 5.1 x64, Tomcat 6.0.18, Mysql 5.1.35, JDK 6u16 x64)

Comment by Dave Ward [X] (Inactive) [ 21-May-10 ]

You can't override composite properties in this way. You have to use alfresco-global.properties or the JMX client.

Comment by Dave Ward [X] (Inactive) [ 21-May-10 ]

Actually, this should probably be possible.

Comment by Steve Rigby [X] (Inactive) [ 30-Mar-11 ]

Transitioned 'reopened' bugs to the 'open' state.

Comment by Mark Rogers [X] (Inactive) [ 01-Nov-11 ]

I've raised ALF-11219 to get to the bottom of whether default/default/file-server.proerties should work.

In the meantime use alfresco-global.properties since that does work.

Comment by Ravi Manthena [X] (Inactive) [ 24-Jul-13 ]

Use Head-QA build 187 to test this issue.

Comment by Mark Rogers [X] (Inactive) [ 01-Oct-13 ]

I'm not sure of the expected functionality here.

1) in particular I presume that the value of filesystem.acl.global.defaultAccessControl has not been changed and is therefore blank. What does that mean and does that take precedence over the domain.
2) How can FTP determine the domain from a username and password login command. Is the domain access control expected to have effect for FTP? MER JLAN Reference guide says NO. The domain control is only relevant to CIFS.
3) Is the domain access control expected to have an effect for CIFS? MER JLAN Reference guide says YES.
4) Is this functionality expected to work?

Comment by Mark Rogers [X] (Inactive) [ 01-Oct-13 ]

Updated description and component to remove FTP.

Comment by Mark Rogers [X] (Inactive) [ 01-Oct-13 ]

Please investigate why the domain access control for CIFS does not work.

Comment by Will Taylor [X] (Inactive) [ 17-Jul-14 ]

This issue has been re-triaged and determined as “Won’t Fix” and Closed.
Many factors were considered in this decision, among which is the need to correctly prioritise the work of the Engineering team and be clear with those issues that are not going to be resolved.

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