[MNT-18164] If document is linked to a process from Alfresco, the process does not always use the latest version of the linked document Created: 03-Mar-17  Updated: 08-May-20  Resolved: 01-Apr-20

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Component/s: APS Tasks
Affects Version/s: Alfresco Activiti, Alfresco Process Services 1.7, Alfresco Process Services 1.9, Alfresco Process Services 1.10
Fix Version/s: Alfresco Process Services 1.11

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relates to MNT-18170 Update Alfresco Properties task fails... Verified
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00818798, 00939494, 00959192, 01004810

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If a document is linked to a process from Alfresco, the process does not always use the latest version of this document. For example, if the document was attached as link in the start event form and then modified on the Alfresco side at some point (e.g. upload new version), when downloading the file via a "Display value" field in a form, the old version is downloaded.

Steps to reproduce
1. Setup Alfresco One with Share connector
2. Configure Activiti to use the setup Alfresco repository
3. In activiti-app via Kickstart->Processes create a process having start event->user task->user task->end event
a) For the start event add a form with an attach field "linkedDocument" and configure in the attach options the source to be from the Alfresco repository, a start folder and to link only to that file instead of copying it over to Activiti.
b) Leave the first user task untouched, it will just be used as breakpoint
c) In the second user task add a form with a display value field displaying field "linkedDocument"
4. Save the process and create an app containing the process and publish it
5. From the published app on the landing page start the process
6. In the start form for the field "linkedDocument" select any document from the Alfresco repository and click start.
7. In Alfresco update the content of the linked document, e.g. by using Share and "Upload new version"
8. In the first user task that was used as breakpoint to give time to perform previosu step click complete
9. In the second user task hover over the dispaly value field and click the "Download" icon to download the file
10. Inspect the downloaded file

Current behaviour
The content of the downloaded file is not the content of the new version but of the document as it was initially linked in the start form

Expected behaviour
As we linked to that document only, the downloaded content should be the content for the latest document version.

Supporting evidence

  • Reproduced with Alfresco One 5.1.1 and Activiti
  • When hovering over the display value field preview, there is also an option "Open in Alfresco" that would bring you to the document details page of the linked document showing the correct new version and related preview.
  • This is critical in scenarios where a process starts on a document and then document is modified in Alfresco and the process shall use the updated document in any later step.

Comment by Mark Howarth [X] (Inactive) [ 23-Aug-19 ]

Reassigning to Doug Gruber, the new PM for APS.

Comment by Mark Howarth [X] (Inactive) [ 02-Dec-19 ]

Assigning to Mark Howarth [X] as PM for APS.

Comment by Mark Howarth [X] (Inactive) [ 01-Apr-20 ]

Fixed in release APS 1.11, released 31st March 2020

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