[MNT-18232] Display value field shows Unicode reference for non-english characters Created: 30-Jun-17  Updated: 03-Sep-20

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Component/s: APS Kickstart/Studio
Affects Version/s: Alfresco Process Services 1.6.2, Alfresco Process Services
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00876041, 00942516, 01011783


Display value field shows Unicode characters for non-english characters (e.g. Chinese) in field labels.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Via App Designer create a simple process (start event -> user task -> end event)
  2. Create a form for the start event
  3. Drop 'Text' field in the form then edit the text field and modify the label to a Chinese label
  4. Click 'Override ID'
  5. Modify ID to 'label1' and save form
  6. Add another form to the user task and add a 'Display value' field
  7. Edit the display value field and inspect the available field options to display

Current Behavior
Display value field shows unicode characters for the field label value

Expected Behavior
The label should be displayed properly in Chinese.

Supporting evidence

  • Reproduced with latest APS 1.6.2 release
  • Attached the video and my test process to demo the issue.
  • Japanese label has the same problem

Comment by Jennie Soria [X] (Inactive) [ 19-Sep-17 ]

Reproducible in APS

This issue is explicitly with the rendering of the text for the 'Show value of label' while setting up/editing a form where you display the value from another field's label.

  • characters display correctly when you create form and set the label for that
  • characters display correctly when process is running (labels and values of form fields)

Characters just not encoded in the form 'editor' view for the 'display value' field when you select a form field where the label is in Chinese/Japanese or other similar encoded languages.

Looks to be related to ./activiti-bpm-suite/activiti-app/src/main/webapp/editor/views/templates/form-builder-element-template.html

Comment by Doug Johnson [X] (Inactive) [ 25-May-18 ]

The development team has proposed a work around prior to this being formally fixed in the product:

1. Open /tomcat/webapps/activiti-app/editor/views/templates/form-builder-element-template.html
2. Apply a AngularJS directive instead of a AngularJS HTML Template Binding like so

<div class="message">
        {{formElement.params.field.name && ('FORM-BUILDER.MESSAGE.FIELD-VALUE' | translate:formElement.params.field) || ('FORM-BUILDER.MESSAGE.SELECT-FIELD' | translate)}}

The about uses HTML Template Binding, if changed to use directives the issue will be resolved

<div class="message">
        <span ng-if="formElement.params.field.name" translate="FORM-BUILDER.MESSAGE.FIELD-VALUE" translate-values="formElement.params.field"></span>
        <span ng-if="!formElement.params.field.name" translate="FORM-BUILDER.MESSAGE.SELECT-FIELD"></span>

Using a directive instead will work fine as in

This pattern can be used to solve other similar issues related to unicode character display.

Comment by Bassam Al-Sarori [ 29-May-18 ]

Seems that both fields have the same id (since Japanese is used the id isn't auto generated from the form field label instead 'field1' will be used by default). Changing the field id is possible by editing the form field and checking "Override ID?" and specifying a unique id for each field.

Comment by Mark Howarth [ 23-Aug-19 ]

Reassigning to Doug Gruber, the new PM for APS.

Comment by Mark Howarth [ 02-Dec-19 ]

Assigning to Mark Howarth as PM for APS.

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