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As an administrator of an Alfresco system, I want my users to be able to access Alfresco using shared network drives that are performant, secure, and compatible with the latest standards adopted by the Windows operating systems used on my client machines. This latest standard is SMB 3.1.1, deployed in Windows 10.

SMB 3.1.1 offers some key advantages over the current implementation of CIFS 1.0 in Alfresco:

  • More secure authentication
  • Higher performance
  • More resilience to network latency
  • Encrypted traffic

Linked to this epic are other issues that should be addressed while looking at a major change to JLAN.

Background Reading

Comment by Richard Esplin [X] (Inactive) [ 19-Jun-17 ]

Microsoft announced that the next service pack for Windows 10 will disable SMBv1, which I understand to include CIFS:

Perhaps a library will help us to support a modern version of this protocol:
https://github.com/hierynomus/smbj (Apache licensed and actively maintained, but focused on the client side of the protocol)
Or maybe leverage Samba as an upstream external resource (it's licensed like LibreOffice so would have to be independent from the rest of the repo). They have a jCIFS library, or can implement an Alfresco backing store for Samba.

Or perhaps we should end of life CIFS and use WebDAV for all shared drive use cases?

Discussion in the social community:

Comment by Richard Esplin [X] (Inactive) [ 01-Aug-17 ]

Suggested scope for a Proof of Concept:
1. Have a couple of people in the team that will read and understand the spec of SMB v3
2. Match the knowledge above with the existing file share functionality in Alfresco (JLAN implementation, locks, permissions, different operations, aspects and properties... etc)
3. Take a look at existing solutions and find anything close enough

Comment by Richard Esplin [X] (Inactive) [ 03-Nov-17 ]

Based on a survey of customers, and investigation into potential improvements to WebDAV, Product Management recommends against implementing SMBv3 at this time.

Our analysis and recommendations are publicly documented here:

We might consider SMBv3 at some point in the future as a module with separate revenue to support its development.

Comment by Derek Hulley [X] (Inactive) [ 05-Dec-17 ]

Protocol improvement will be planned and run via PRODDEL-285.

Comment by Richard Esplin [X] (Inactive) [ 27-Feb-18 ]

I agree that this is not something we will do in the short term.

In the long term, an SMBv3 implementation could make a nice proprietary add-on to the open core. Visuality System is interested in helping us OEM their SMB3 implementation, which could be a relatively inexpensive way of delivering this capability.

In the six months that we have been communicating to our customers that we are moving away from SMBv1, we have not received enough interest in us supporting a newer version of the protocol in order to justify the development effort. We will continue to let customers know that we are considering this capability if customers are willing to invest in it.


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