[SEARCH-1750] Content count in the replica does not match the original node Created: 16-Jul-19  Updated: 28-Jul-20  Resolved: 09-Aug-19

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ACS + ASS / Insight Engine (tested with ACS 6.2.0-snapshot - latest and IE 1.4.snapshot)


Configure IE to run with ACS in a sharded mode.
Setup a shard using say EXPLICIT_ID shading method, by specifying the following settings in the solrcore.properties.

#Shard setup

Where, expl is the custom model I added, that includes a ShardInfo aspect and has a text property <shardID>. Model is Active.

Check the sharding method is recognised as EXPLICIT_ID using Admin console > Search Service Sharding screen.
Select Dynamic Sharding to be <enabled> (or disabled)
Wait for the content to be indexed

Add some content. I added a folder, added a rule to set the ShardInfo aspect and property: shardID to 0. Then added some content to the folder.

Check that the property is correctly set and the added content is indexed on the appropriate shard (shard 0).
Using the solr admin console, check the no of docs for alfresco and archive cores (overview)
Also check the no of content returned by running a query cm:name:*.

Now, start a replica of shard 0, by using the same properties as above.

#Shard setup

Check the no of docs (overview) and no of content returned by the query using Slr admin screen.

Expected Result:
Count should match on replica.

Count does not match, as seen in the screen attached.

Also, checked adding <shard.count> property to all the shard nodes. Index for Alfresco core matches but it still differs for archive core.

Comment by Angel Borroy [ 02-Aug-19 ]

Described configuration has been reproduced using Docker Compose.

Available at https://git.alfresco.com/aborroy/search-1750

Comment by Angel Borroy [ 02-Aug-19 ]

The issue cannot be reproduced.

Following the steps described in https://git.alfresco.com/aborroy/search-1750, the same results are obtained for original and replica shard.

First two different folders with ShardId 0 and ShardId 1 are created. Folders and files are created on each folder.

Checked count for this situation:





Solr Replica is started.

$ docker-compose up --build --force-recreate solr6replica

After waiting the indexation time, the same result is observed:



Meenal Bhave [X] Can you provide additional instructions to reproduce the behaviour described in the ticket?

Comment by Angel Borroy [ 02-Aug-19 ]

Same results observed for EXPLICIT_ID_FALLBACK_LRIS. It looks like it works fine.

Comment by Michael Suzuki [X] (Inactive) [ 05-Aug-19 ]

Meenal Bhave [X] | Angel Borroy to confirm if reproducible with Zip distribution.
Verify models, fingerprint and shard.count side effects.

Comment by Angel Borroy [ 08-Aug-19 ]

Tested with ZIP Distribution. Still not able to reproduce the problem.

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