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Alfresco is used as a collaborative platform and comments on cases are one form of collaborating on content. Right now searching for comments does not work even so the comments themselves are in the index.

Version: 4.1.5
Database: PostgreSQL
App Server: Tomcat

[Steps that show the current behaviour]
Add content
Add a comment on content
Search for the comment

[Desired behaviour]
Search for comments should display the comment itself and if possible the content this comment is related to.

[Business case]
(From customer comment) When scientists are working collaboratively on documents, they may enter extensive amounts of text in document comments. It is therefore important for us that this comment text can be searched on.

Comment by Ahmed Owian [X] (Inactive) [ 22-Dec-14 ]

As of today, comments are still not searchable. Whether they are in the index is yet to be determined. If they are, then perhaps we are ignoring them when performing the search from Share - when we deal with the results. Andrew Hind [X] mentioned that this should be something configurable.

Comment by Ahmed Owian [X] (Inactive) [ 22-Dec-14 ]

As Jennie Soria [X] mentions:

It is indexed such that if you just searched for TEXT it would return a match, but the issue is simple search and advanced search would need to be customized to 1- create correct syntax for search query 2 - render the result set based on what you want to see ex. list the content time the comment applies to? list the comment it self? list the forum?
It would not be something you can simply add to simple search without more modification.
Simply search is already configurable to add fields to search against…. ex. see Kb article >> Can we add custom properties into the properties list which Share Simple Search searches against? # 000002002
The likeliest would be to customize advance search and add the field and query syntax change.
We still need to modify the result set rendering to render it…. I would add a search comments search page on advance search:
search sites | search repository | add search comments
The bottom line is the cm:content is full text indexed and since fm:post is of type cm:content then it is full text indexed… the comment is stored as a static file (.bin) in the contentstore.

If simple search is used check the code see if it includes fm:post
or easiest just update the adv search …
It might be easier in 5.0 since search supposedly more customizable now with filters
add type fm:post to filters
Search in 5.0 is different, but I bet it would be relatively easier to include comments in the default filter configurations.

Gabriele Columbro [X], could we please get some more specificity regarding what form of solution we want here?

Comment by Andrew Hind [X] (Inactive) [ 09-Jan-15 ]

Comments etc are indexed - I believe they are hidden in the UI.
This is a UI issue not the platform.

If you want to find a document by its comment the this is a join - which we do not do.
There would need to be a second phase to go from comment - doc.

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